Everyone is just winging it… right?

Parenthood is all about winging it.

That, is the best piece of advice my mum has given me since I became a mum.

That and you don’t have to do everything – it is perfectly okay to ask for help and actually, if you don’t, then in her medical opinion, you are a ‘doughball’. This is coming from said doughball incase you haven’t guessed. Haven’t ever verified where she studied medicine…😂

Sound advice and something I don’t think I heard enough before becoming a mummy to my beautiful baby boy.

You would have thought I would have guessed that however, after having to throw my perfectly printed birth plan out the window.

It was a lovely birth plan, all different colours of blue, detailing how we wanted everything to go down, from having a water birth with just gas and air, to waiting a bit before cutting the cord… 😅


After being in and out of hospital with suspected preeclampsia, to then being kept in hospital and finally being induced, we still thought we could have the water birth we wanted, but that was not to be the case!

Our gorgeous son was born 3 and a bit weeks early by emergency C-Section at 6.24am on a Thursday morning.

Things did not go to plan, and I’m beginning to think that is just to be expected when you are a mum.

I thought I had this parenting malarkey all figured out – we’d read the books (well daddy did because I didn’t want to know absolutely everything – ignorance is bliss and all that), downloaded the apps, went to the classes, got the Moses basket, cosleeper, awesome pram, safest car seat, read the forums, got the clothes, bottles just in case…basically all the kit and knowledge we thought we would ever need to make sure our son was safe, loved and well cared for. We thought we were prepared for anything.

He is of course safe, loved and well cared for. However we definitely were not as prepared as we thought!

I think that is true for everyone of us. So, instead of pretending we have it all figured out, it would be infinitely more helpful to be honest about our trials as well as our triumphs.

After all, everyone is really just winging it, aren’t they?